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Water Plan Irrigation was founded in April 2000 by two Victorian businessmen, both owning their own irrigation businesses in Victoria.

They saw the need for an irrigation company based in Swan Hill to serve the North Western irrigation district.

Upon formation the business got off to a rocky start, with only a small customer base and staffing problems in the first twelve months. A new manager was employed in February 2001 and from there the business began to blossom.

In the 2002/03 financial year, Water Plan hit some major turmoil, only to triumph. Things were moving along very well with staff level increasing, staff training, stock level and product range increasing and generally being able to service our growing customer base faster and with greater knowledge. We were undertaking some major irrigation works for several large growers in the district and the shop was able to supply irrigation design and supply for the average back yard to the largest sporting ground.

On the 15th November 2002 one of the worst things imaginable for a growing business happened. The building, along with stock, vehicles and equipment was totally destroyed by fire. Through the efforts and commitment of management and staff, Water Plan rose out of the ashes to be reopen in a matter of weeks in a temporary location.

Within two months the business was back in full swing, thanks mainly to the efforts of the staff, suppliers, customers and other local businesses who all pitched in and offered help with whatever they could. It took just on six months for the building at 26 Nyah Road to be rebuilt. In that time staff worked under difficult circumstances but still were able to look after our existing customers and even grow our customer base. There were two new staff members added to the team during this period, another shop sales person and another designer.

In early May 2003 we moved back into our new building at the original site, with a new bigger showroom and a fresh new look. All this, while servicing a growing number of growers and customers. A highlight of this was the faith shown in us and our rebuilding by all of our customers including Montague Orchards who awarded us the job to install the irrigation in their new orchard, during the week we moved into the new building.

Throughout the 2003 financial year, Water Plan saw highs and lows and through it all one thing stood out, that was that a business is not a building, stock and equipment, but it is good quality staff, good loyal customers, helpful suppliers and friends within the business community without which Water Plan Irrigation would not exist today.

Our efforts were rewarded late in 2003, when we were awarded the Business of the Year Award under the AMP Trade Services category by the Swan Hill Region Business Excellence Committee.

In 2007 we began the biggest project in the history of Water Plan, when we were contracted by Nacap Australia to work on the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline project, upgrading pump and filter stations.  This was a massive learning curve for the business which resulted in us tripling our staff numbers and requiring staff to take on more responsibilities.

With the formation of the Think Water franchise in 2007 we have access to more suppliers and a wider range of products giving us better buying power and enabling us to better service our customers.

2008 has seen the directors of Water Plan embark on a new venture with the opening of a new store in Kununurra W.A. simply called Think Water Kununurra.

We thank everyone who has supported us thus far and look forward to seeing everyone in the future.

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