Bioguard Chemicals

Written by Brodie
Monday, 21 June 2010 01:32

At Think Water Swan Hill, we understand water. Perfectly balanced water makes for an enjoyable swimming experience. Chemicals are vital in the process of achieving perfectly balanced water. We stock an extensive range of products at competitive prices and can test your water balances for FREE.
We have computerised water testing and analysis software to accurately diagnose imbalances and quickly solve the problem. You get an easy to follow guide to make your pool or spa safe, comfortable and looking it’s best.

Maintaining perfectly balanced water right through the year will not only save you time when the weather warms up, but will also save you money because you wont have to spend a fortune on chemicals to fix all the problems that can develop over Winter. For piece of mind an automatic chlorinator is the best way to maintain perfect water balance. We stock Synergy automatic chlorinators and our customers love them!

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